Summit Program

Week 3 Program

10 am AEDT, 24 October 2020 – Webinar

“Heart and mind in partnership – the heart’s empowering role in building resilience, wellness and positive relationships”

Presenter: Klaus Baur  – Register here


2 pm AEDT, 25 October 2020 -Workshop

Yoga as a delivery system: An integrated mind body approach to build optimal wellbeing

Facilitator: Brad Williamson –  Register here


10 am AEDT, 26 October 2020 – Webinar

NSW Government Veterans Employment Program

Presenters: Craig “Dallas” Delaney and Megan Banton  – Register here


11.30 am AEDT, 26 October 2020 – webinar

Servulink: Empowering Veterans and Families to connect with services, support and community

Presenters: Matt Brennan and Ian Storie – Register here


2 pm AEDT, 26 October 2020 – Workshop

Releasing your automatic stress reaction to a memory.

Facilitator: Jenny Johnston –  Register here


10 am AEDT, 27 October 2020 – Webinar

PTSD Resurrected and Warriors 4 Life – Love in Action

Presenters: Paul Davidson, Dave Marrett, Mark Franzi- Register here


2 pm AEDT 28 October 2020 – Workshop

Having helpful conversations using a solution focus: it’s not just for the ‘psychs’ – how can we all use the SF approach to help people move towards a better place? 

Facilitators: Emma Burns, David Hains and Major Raharuhi Koia  RF Chaplain Cl 3 (NZDF)  – Register here


7 pm AEDT, 28 October 2020 – Webinar

Caring for Kids: Parenting after transition

Presenter: Katrina Streatfeild- Register here


8 pm AEDT, 28 October 2020- workshop *ATDP CPD endorsed


Facilitator: Tom Moore –Register here


10 am AEDT, 29 October 2020 – Webinar

Reconnecting with self

Presenter: Michelle Wotton- Register here


7 pm AEDT, 29 October 2020- workshop *ATDP CPD endorsed


Facilitator: Tom Moore –Register here


9 am AEDT, 30 October 2020- Webinar *ATDP CPD endorsed

Action, Hope, & Transformation with Veterans in the U.S

Presenters: Mark Mitchell, Val Reyes, Tess Banko, Nate Graeser, Jim Zenner – Register here


10 am AEDT, 31 October 2020- Workshop *ATDP CPD endorsed

The Psychological Effects of Service

Facilitator: Megan Fry  – Register here



Week 1  – catch up on the recordings here

23 March 2020   #VWS2020 Launch

24 March 2020 Veteran Wellbeing – work on what works  

25 March 2020 CancerAid’s Coaching Program for Veterans

26 March 2020  Wellbeing and living with the long term toxic effects of quinoline antimalarials

27 March 2020 Connection and Purpose


Week 2  – catch up on the recordings here

9 June 2020 – Operational Neuroscience and Transitional challenges

10 June 2020 – Understanding the Rehabilitation Process

VWS2020  also facilitated the following workshops: