Recover, Perform and Sleep Better by Switching Off with TRE

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Originally developed to self-empower large populations in their recovery from mass-scale trauma, TRE provides a neurobiological model of resilience & elite performance training that focuses on self-regulation of the sub-threshold neuromuscular tension underlying most physical & mental health conditions.

By deliberately invoking the nervous system’s innate capacity to regulate itself through spontaneous involuntary movements known as ‘neurogenic tremors,’ TRE provides a body-based self-care technique to help prevent injury, switch off hypervigilance, improve sleep quality & maximise the body’s own adaptive resources to help prevent PTSD & burnout.


Richmond Heath

Richmond is a Physiotherapist, TRE Certification Trainer & National Coordinator of TRE in Australia with a background in Pilates, Bowen Therapy, Mental Health, Aboriginal Studies & Youth Suicide Prevention


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