Cor Infinitus. Giving dignity and respect to the families of those that have served our nation and taken their own lives


Cor Infinitus (Infinite Courage) is a National initiative aiming to establish modest memorials throughout the country dedicated to those that served our nation and took their own life. The memorials are completely anonymous and inclusive. They do not represent any individual person, era or circumstance. Rather, the memorials are ageless and owned by all families of those lost. Replicated for both emergency services and military, there are four objectives: • Provide dignity and respect to those that have served Australia and taken their own life; • Publicly acknowledge the loss suffered by families and loved ones of those who have taken their own life and provide them with a place of reflection, dignity and respect; • Assist in the prevention of suicide; and • Support the destigmatisation of mental illness and suicide. The initiative has been advised by families of those lost and the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation. Importantly, it has also received clinical oversight by Open Arms, Mates4Mates and the North Queensland Primary Health Network.


Kevin Humphreys

Kevin had a 20 year career flying helicopters in the Army and now another decade as a civilian rescue helicopter pilot. Towards the peak of his military career he contemplated suicide and suffered a breakdown due to PTSD, depression, anxiety and bullying. Today he shares powerful messages about mental illness and inspires courageous and compassionate conversations for businesses and individuals. As the Mental Health Ambassador for AIRBUS Australia Pacific, Community Ambassador for Mates4Mates and creator of COR INFINITUS, Kevin shows that mental illness and PTSD are normal, manageable and recoverable for the vast majority of people and can be the catalyst for growth.