Yoga as a delivery system: An integrated mind body approach to build optimal wellbeing

2 pm AEDT, 25 October 2020 -Workshop



Learn how  to integrate the elements of Thinking, Breathing, Movement, Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Social Engagement to optimise wellbeing. Yoga can kickstart a pathway towards optimal health. While there are many tools in each of these pillars, Yoga can be a sound foundation as it already incorporates Thinking, Breathing and Movement. By moving mindfully and becoming more attuned as to the internal state of our body, our breath (interoception) and observing our thoughts we can not only begin to regulate our physiology but also our emotions. The outcome of this regulation allows our mind-body to access deeper states of repair and recovery through enhancing the activation of the Para-Sympathetic Nervous system or Rest and Digest. Once we establish this awareness as to internally diagnosing our mind body we can expand that to the other pillars of health. By listening to our mind-body not only can we apply these tools but fine tune them to suit our individual needs. By starting small and integrating single tools from each of these areas we can build momentum and synergy. Over time through habituation, these tools become second nature and we can grow our tool box. This presentation will identify yoga as a key foundation to this process and optimising health to better combat veteran health problems like PTSD, Depression and Physical Injuries


Facilitator: Brad Williamson

Brad had a 13 year military career as a Military Policeman followed by Careers in International Tax/Expatriate Service and Wellness. Cert IV Yoga and Cert IV in Mind-Body Medicine. Co-Founder of Frontline Yoga.



Front Line Yoga

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