The Psychological Effects of Service


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10 am AEDT, 31 October 2020- Workshop

This interactive workshop will provide psycho-education to ex-serving military personnel on the psychological effects of service. In this workshop, we will explore and discuss the impact that service life has on an individual. We will explore and discuss how this is adaptive whilst serving in the military and the benefits of this during service. We will then explore the problems that this poses for an individual at or after transition. By understanding the impact of The Psychological Effects of Service, ex-serving military personnel can then start to develop new skills, new beliefs and a new sense of self that can move forward post-military.

This workshop has been endorsed as ATDP CPD. To qualify for the CPD points advocates must attend the live session and complete the follow-up CPD Feedback form.

Facilitator: Megan Fry

Megan is a Clinical Psychologist with 15 years experience. Megan operates her own private practice in Brisbane, QLD Australia. As an ex-serving soldier and military Psychologist, Megan has spent her career working with military personnel (current serving and ex-serving). Since obtaining her accreditation as an Advanced Individual Schema Therapist, Megan has developed a unique schema therapy approach when working with ex-serving military personnel, which has resulted in improved outcomes for ex-serving military personnel transitioning into the community. Megan is currently completing a PhD at Griffith University, to investigate the beliefs that military personnel develop during service and the impact of these beliefs on the individual at transition; and also the potential of a Schema Therapy group intervention to assist ex-serving military personnel transition into the community.