Releasing your automatic stress reaction to a memory


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2 pm AEDT, 26 October 2020 – Workshop

The workshop will be informative and practical,  teaching anEFT/Tapping self-help technique for Vets and their families to apply for themselves. This workshop will teach participants how to stop the automatic stress response using EFT/Tapping.  This technique then provides hope and transformation for individuals to finally be free from traumatic memories, PTSD and stress reactions in their bodies, beliefs and automatic reactions.


Facilitator: Jenny Johnston

Jenny is a retired Occupational Therapist who had her own business working with Vets/DVA, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and became the first EFT Universe Trainer in the Southern Hemisphere in 2011.  She has worked with Veterans with PTSD and loves to help people free themselves from emotional trauma and find peace and joy in their life again.