Heart and mind in partnership – the heart’s empowering role in building resilience, wellness and positive relationships



10 am AEDT, 24 October 2020 – Webinar


The presentation will discuss the familiar functions of the mind and the lesser known function and abilities of the heart. Using examples, case studies and stories, the working of one’s heart and mind balance is detailed. Inner calm, feeling light and less burdened are some of the early, gentle heart-facilitated transformations; from the inside out. Common sayings like ‘we, or I, need a change of heart’ come alive with examples and evaluation findings from seminars, weekly heart practice and heart meditation sessions. Research institutes like Heart Math and US Heart Based Institute have demonstrated that the heart has its own deep intelligence and abilities and, most likely is the source of successful business people’s intuition or gut feel in making decisions in support of this. Brain/mind, our body and heart/feeling are building blocks of who we are. Each of them can be utilised, need rest and can be developed, trained and improved. The heart is often ignored and yet, it is recognised as an important part within. When we say to a friend ‘let us meet for a heart to heart’ or to a family member ‘I love you with all my heart’ this essential, genuine and value heart function is shown. The webinar will be based on over 15 years of Klaus’s committed heart learning and teaching, on over 35 years of work with wellbeing practices and his extensive work, with groups and individuals, around heart learning as an Australian pioneer in the field.

Presenter: Klaus Baur

Klaus is the author of ‘Your Heart Can Help – The Answer is Within You’, an innovative, comprehensive heart-based self-help resource, available widely as book and ebook. At the core of ‘Your Heart Can Help’ are discussions, examples, often very touching personal accounts of change and help experienced. The book covers nine main areas of life – and how the heart’s profound abilities can assist. A unique selection of over 100 exercises make the heart’s abilities and power available to everyone. Until recently Klaus was the CEO of Tasmania’s mental health consumer representative organisation Flourish Inc.. He has worked in consulting, leadership and project management roles in the community and health sectors for most of his career; often with a strong focus on facilitation, training and capacity building. Since the age of 17 Klaus has developed a passion and active pursuit for wellbeing, body-mind-spirit practices and meditation.