CancerAid Coaching Program for Veterans

CancerAid offers a 6-week support and education program for people with a cancer diagnosis. The program is designed by oncologists and delivered by trained health coaches, and helps people take back control over their diagnosis. It is delivered through a smartphone application, or via email, and results so far include: a 7X increase in patients accessing rehabilitation services, a 4.5X increase in patient engagement, a Customer Satisfaction Score of 96, and a Net Promoter Score of +81. The Coach Program is very well suited for veterans, as it tackles the problem of social isolation, mental health, and veteran self-care. CancerAid wishes to offer the Program to all Australian veterans, funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs. We are looking for participants to go through our program, free-of-charge, so we can show its value to the DVA. Ideally, participants would be on treatment or within 6 months of diagnosis.

This webinar took place  at 2pm AEDT, 25 March 2020


Dr. Raghav Murali-Ganesh

Dr. Raghav Murali-Ganesh completed his Medical Training at Nottingham University, UK. Following his move to Sydney, Australia, he undertook specialist training in radiation oncology at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, completing in 2016. Raghav has the ambition of improving healthcare outcomes with the use of digital tools. Combining his oncology specialist knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and a vision for technology solutions, CancerAid has become the number 1 cancer app in Australia, the US, and the UK. For building CancerAid into an innovative healthcare solution that can change cancer care on a global scale, Raghav has received prestigious honours including an appearance on Shark Tank 2017.


Tim Atkins

Tim is passionate about solving issues sitting at the intersection of technology, healthcare, and innovation. Tim holds the belief that higher patient healthcare participation is one of the critical, and achievable, levers for improving care outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. Tim’s role at CancerAid involves building meaningful and long-term partnerships with our customers, with the end goal of improving the lives and health outcomes of as many patients as possible. Prior to CancerAid, he was an Associate at an international corporate law firm, where he developed his business, communication and legal skills. Tim is passionate about creating social impact in the not-for-profit sector and is currently assisting a mental health charity, and a plastic waste re-purposing NFP. Tim holds a Bachelor of Laws/Commerce (majoring in Corporate and Investment Finance) from the University of Western Australia.
Website: CancerAid

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