Veteran Wellbeing Working on What Works

Veteran Wellbeing – Working on What Works

The live online event took place at 2pm, 24 March 2020.

#VWS2019 was our first hit-out as a totally online summit. We collected a lot of data and did the analysis to find out what veterans, their partners, families and support network are finding useful to be proactive and nurture their wellbeing.
Join Wellbeing Australia for this interactive workshop and discussion. Anyone working in Veteran Wellbeing, ESOs and other veteran services will benefit from being part of the workshop.


Jacqui Van de Velde

Jacqui has more than 25 years experience in education, wellbeing and mental health, in both a professional and volunteer capacity. She has worked in, and continues to work across, a variety of educational and cultural contexts, in Australia, New Zealand, the EU, Singapore, and North America. Jacqui is a passionate advocate for parent engagement in education, professional learning networks and continuing education in the workplace, wellbeing, veteran health, and advocacy. Jacqui on the board of Wellbeing Australia and is the lead for the Veteran Wellbeing Summit