A Message From Our Patron




Service in the military or emergency services is always demanding and can be extreme. No soldier goes to war and returns untouched, and our emergency workers face such stressors every day. We are all different people. The agreement between the Australian people and their veterans has always been one of principled support, but despite the work of governments and departments at all levels in Australia, help has sometimes failed in the detail. Both can exist together, a commitment to support through resources and organisation, and a less than perfect delivery to your mate and mine. Despite the best efforts, individual failures exist today as we know, and our aim must be to overcome them, as well as support the vast bulk of veterans and emergency workers. Governments have responsibilities but each one of us also has an overwhelming responsibility to themselves to ask for assistance when we need it, and to watch our mates and assist them. I am happy that DVA has approved the curated Summit website as a Veterans’ Health Week activity. This is a great initiative and has my full support. It is now up to us to contribute. Please do.

J. (Jim) Molan AO DSC