Celebration of Service

A majority of the population experience some grief, trauma or bad experiences throughout the course of their lives. It is important to acknowledge this but to also acknowledge the positive experiences throughout that same period. The Celebration of Service presentation encourages and provides tools for people to consider using when writing their elevator speech, reflection of service speech and provides them a short up to ten minute presentation that celebrates their service. This is a much more positive mindset to adopt and one that helps balance the perspective for the individual and those who they may wish to share it with. This is a positive psychological intervention/exercise/practice and introductory workshop that concentrates on understanding the story, public speaking and creative writing.

Action – taking a new fresh and positive look at history/service.

Hope – re-inventing the narrative around service from the individual’s perspective.

Transformation – old ideas reinvigorated, celebrated and reinforced.

This webinar took place 2 PM AEST Thursday 12 September 2019


More about Kelliegh Jackson

Kelliegh is the Founder of the charity Eyes Front, with the aim and purposes of supporting vulnerable populations, including Veterans and their families. She is also the CEO of The International Institute of First Responders and Peer Support an organisation that empowers peer to peer support networks. Kelliegh served her country in the Australian Army for more than 20 years. She has worked on major projects such as the introduction of the GAP year scheme for 17–24 year old’s, introduction of domestic security and anti-terrorism arrangements on the five high-risk bases and cultural change in the Navy. Kelliegh’s passion has and always will be the wellbeing of the veteran community and their families. Her current projects include introduction of Veteran Radio, which is a fortnightly podcast and community radio station project aimed at talking current issues, which referral services or organisations have an interest in that issue and the ‘Celebration of Service’ pubic speaking program designed to help veterans.

More about Kellie Dadds

Kell served in the Army for 22 year and completed 8 deployments. She was medically discharged in 2018. Kell has three Children under the age of 6. She finds peace in her busy mind through creative writing, drawing and mosaic projects. Kell is the Founder of By The Left and continues to ensure the public are educated about the diversity in the veteran’s community.


More about Scott McAndrew

Born 1969, grew up in western Sydney. Worked in various customer service roles (factories, McDonalds). Enlisted in 1988 and went to Infantry. Scott had various postings from 3rd Royal Australian Regiment, 6 RAR, Parachute Training School and 2 Commando Regiment. 2018 Commonwealth Games – Training Manager for Fleet Operations. Started Axe throwing as a hobby, and now Operations Manager for Perth, Brisbane and Gold Coast with Lumberpunks. 


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