Soul Wounds and Moral Injury

In this webinar we take a detailed look at what PTSD Resurrected does and why we do it:

  •  PTSD Resurrected Inc. was established in 2017 to restore Hope, Healing and Purpose to individuals and families suffering from PTSD as a result of trauma experienced during their service.
  •  It was birthed out of a necessity to provide hope to the Veteran and First Responder community suffering extremely high suicide rates as a direct result of trauma.
  • We recognise trauma does not only impact an individual but the entire family, as a result we need a targeted plan to support not only the individual but the entire family / carer community from a holistic perspective including spiritual, mental and physical.
  • We seek to encourage and equip individuals and families with the tools to take back control of your life and overcome mental illness.
  • We will discuss why combating moral injury is so important and demonstrate a targeted approach towards healing that includes the family / carers.
  • Case study into the effectiveness of REBOOT Combat Recovery: A faith-based combat trauma resiliency program
  • Measuring success – Reviewing independent psychological data from Australia and the USA in treating mental health by targeted moral injury courses that are peer led programs aimed at the entire family


This webinar took place 2 PM Monday 9 September 2019


More about Andy and Zoe Cullen


Andy is a veteran of seventeen years’ service in the Australian Army. Retiring as a Major in 2012 having served six years as a soldier in the Royal Australian Infantry (RAINF) and later as an Officer in the Royal Australian Engineers (RAE) focusing much of his career in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). He was awarded the COMMENDATION FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE for operations in Afghanistan.

Zoe grew up in the tranquil hills of Byron Bay living in a mud brick home built by her parents. Zoe has a passion for life, family, travel and after university married into the Army, her own career taking a back seat to Andy’s life as a Military Officer.

Andy was diagnosed with PTSD following multiple deployments to Afghanistan. Zoe was forced into the position of sole parent of their four young children. Andy’s condition worsened while he battled with a loss of identity and purpose following his retirement from the Army.

He eventually ended up in a mental hospital falling into a dark depression that very nearly cost him his life, leaving Zoe to pick up the pieces of the broken family. Together they fought their way through the many challenges that living with PTSD brings. Andy and Zoe have a unique perspective and insight into living with PTSD and Depression and the impact this has on relationships. We seek to encourage and equip individuals and families with the tools to take back control of your life and overcome mental illness. Our goal is to provide awareness, support and a message of hope aimed at helping veterans and first responders – as well as their families suffering from or as a result of mental illness.

Andy and Zoe are published authors of Resurrected – A Story of Hope.



Andy&Zoe v1 from Mary on Vimeo.