Managing Change In Separated Families

Parental separation comes with huge changes for all members of a family. What is supposed to be a safe haven, is forced to evolve, and this can be a challenge for children, parents, grandparents and other extended family members. This seminar will offer help in understanding what change in separated families can look like and what might be expected in these changes. It will also offer ideas for how best to manage these changes for all members of a family, including extended family members.

This webinar took place 7 PM AEST, 4 September 2019


More about Davide Di Pietro

Davide Di Pietro is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and also an Accredited Family Group Conference Facilitator and Family Therapist. He has experience working both in private practice and the non-government sector since 2010. He is the principal therapist of the Family Clinic at The Resilience Centre and he specialises in supporting separated families with court related matters and family relationships post-separation. Davide also facilitates the group program Parenting Post Separation.