How Mates4Mates physical rehabilitation programs are making a difference to injured veterans



In this #VWS2019 VIDEO PRESENTATION, Mates4Mates Physical Rehabilitation Manager, Brett Taylor, will talk about the specialised programs that are helping veterans recover from service-related injuries. These include, tailored individual and group sessions with trained exercise physiologists, injury specific group programs, and wellbeing programs like Pilates. All programs support both physical and mental wellbeing, and complement our other services which include psychology and social connection activities. Brett will also give the audience a tour of the Mates4Mates Family Recovery Centre and interview a veteran who has had their life transformed by our physical rehabilitation services and found hope. Each year, across all our Family Recovery Centres, we foster more than 13,000 physical rehabilitation and wellbeing connections with members and their family members. Our members are both current and ex-serving Defence Force members and present with a range of injuries. These commonly include, spinal and neck injuries, nerve damage and pain, chronic pain, and muscle and ligament issues, and require specialised treatments. Through this video we want to inform viewers of the positive actions we are taking to make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families.


More about Brett Taylor

Physical Rehabilitation Manager
Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology
Master of Exercise Science

Mates4Mates Physical Rehabilitation Manager, Brett Taylor, is an accredited exercise physiologist with a special interest in muscular skeletal and neurological rehabilitation, and nutrition.

With a Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology and a Master of Exercise Science, Brett has more than 15 years’ experience working as an Exercise Physiologist. He is passionate about providing a way forward for clients impacted by various injuries to help improve quality of life.

Brett joined Mates4Mates four years ago and has been dedicated to supporting veterans ever since.

In addition to working at the Mates4Mates Family Recovery Centre in Brisbane, he leads a specialised rehabilitation program and the Gallipoli Army Barrack’s Solider Recovery Centre, helping soldiers recover and reintegrate back into Defence life.