Body Language and Emotional Regulation to reduce Fight and Flight Hormones

The presentation will focus on understanding your temperament/personality especially what it was before going into service and the different conditioned responses which develop in stressful situations, understanding the Neural Pathways of Fight or Flight and how your temperament, breathing and body language can escalate anxiety and panic attacks. I will cover the body language and breathing techniques to help lower adrenaline and also to understand their personalities at a deeper level to rediscover their temperament and the things they used to love before going into service. This all helps to transition back into life with purpose which helps to build a passion moving forward . I like to involve the whole family so everyone in the house can understand the techniques and goals we teach so if family members can be encouraged to watch at the same time it will help immensely in helping the home become emotionally stable. Normalising and understanding all the emotions experienced with PTSD also helps takes the stigma away and helps bring everyone together on a non judgemental page. Acceptance, moving forward with a vision and faith for the future ahead.

This webinar took place 2 PM AEST Thursday, 29 August 2019



More about Sue Spence

Sue Spence,who specialises in Equine Assisted Intervention, is a public speaker, workshop facilitator, author, and educator who teaches communication skills to corporate groups and underprivileged youth using the principles of natural horsemanship and holds a Diploma in Child Youth and Family Intervention. Her book Horses Who Heal was published by Pan MacMillan in 2016.

Currently, Sue works with horses and clients on the Gold Coast, Australia, and travels widely with her motto; “There should never be any intimidation or fear in communication; there should only be respect and trust”. She has faced many personal challenges herself and is passionate about sharing with others how to overcome adversity. Sue is also dedicated to her horses, entrepreneurship, community, and about giving everyone access to the skills they need to thrive, no matter what their background or self-perceived limitations. Sue has Licensed HHH and trained Facilitators to run the program from centres in Victoria, Port Macquarie, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton, Innisfail, Atherton Tablelands, Tasmania and NZ.

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