Improving mental health service delivery for Veterans

Finding quality, appropriate and accessible mental health can be hard for many veterans. With increase self-harm and suicide rates across Australia, it is important to improve our mental health industry to provide a near on-demand experience for veterans, allowing them to find appropriate help from an accredited APHRA psychologist within 3 hours (minimum wait), which helps to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

LSYN, an online mental health telehealth service was launched in November 2017. Starting with only three psychologists, LSYN has grown to over 500 APHRA accredited psychologists, providing services online, phone and face to face through over 200 clinics nationwide.

Analysis of the first 400 users of LSYN provided surprising results:
 72% of users returned to the service for further help
 4.91/5 was the users average users rating of the service
 40% of users were first time help seekers
 98% of appointment were attended
The results demonstrated that providing quality, near on-demand psychology support with a simple, user friendly interface is in demand. Upon analysis of LSYN’s user statistics, we have a snapshot showing high levels of service satisfaction and appointment attendance and 25% user growth month-on-month. It goes to show how a well-designed, easily accessible and affordable service can impact patient access, satisfaction and their wellbeing. An analysis of larger user cohorts will prove that this is a sustainable, better model of care for all Australians suffering from mental health issues, that will help reduce suicide rates and hospital presentations.

This webinar took place 7 PM AEST, Wednesday 28 August 2019


More about the presenters

Dr. Jonathan King

Dr. Jonathan King is the Founder and CEO of LSYN, a mental health company providing better services from over 500+ psychologists helping Australians either online, phone or face to face. Leaving surgery behind only three years ago, LSYN has grown rapidly and is now being used by over 200 clinics across Australia.

On the side, Jonathan also works as an advisor for the Digital Mental Health Advisory Group & Innovation Advisor for Mackay Hospital &; Mackay Institute of Research and innovation (MIRI) Jonathan is also an advocate of supporting his future colleagues, spending time teaching at health technology for Medical Students at Melbourne University’s Medical School and University of Queensland.


Tahnee Schulz

Tahnee Schulz (COO & Head of Clinical @ LSYN).  Tahnee is an experienced psychologist with a background in mental health, substance use, trauma, high performance executive coaching and organisational psychology.  She has experience working in a wide range of settings including educational, forensic, correctional, community, mining, and corporate.

Tahnee has a strong and lengthy management history including managing a 24/7 trauma-response team and numerous associates and contractors responding to critical incidents on a global scale including terrorism and natural disasters.  Tahnee is proficient at clinical assessment, diagnosis, case formulation and treatment, and is well regarded for her skills assessing, treating and reporting Acute Stress Disorder and PTSD.

Tahnee has completed psychological training with world leaders in their field and is also a highly skilled clinician in areas of emotional intelligence, elite performance, change and risk management and conflict resolution.  As General Manager of a Health, Wellbeing and Safety company, Tahnee built a group up business and developed and implemented world class real time wellbeing response technology.