A resilient informed approach to healing

This webinar will focus on the effective and respectful conversations that occur when therapists have a resilience informed approach to people experiencing traumatic memories and reactions. The approach highlights the shift towards a more collegial working relationship between therapist and client. Solution-focused approaches to therapy acknowledge the clients capacity for helpful change and resilience.

This webinar took place 7PM, Monday 26 August 2019


More about Lyn Worsley

Lyn Worsley is the Director of The Resilience Centre. She is a Clinical Psychologist and Registered Nurse with vast experience in teaching, youth work, early childhood, hospitals and correctional services. She specialises in child, adolescent & family psychology and relationship issues. She is also the author of “The Resilience Doughnut Book – The Secret of Strong Kids” and “The Resilience Doughnut Book – The Secret of Strong Adults”.

More about Joe Alberts

Joe has been practicing as a Clinical Psychologist for 32 years. His experience as a psychologist includes working in mental institutions, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, active soldier support at the war front, and private practice. His coaching and mentoring work with senior executives in corporate life brought a deep understanding and empathy of the stressors senior managers are exposed to and how to help them deal with it.

He follows an eclectic, evidence-based approach to treatment with a strong emphasis on achieving results with my clients within a warm, positive and accepting relationship.

Joe has a special interest in assisting clients with mood disorders, chronic pain and addiction, men’s issues and post trauma stress due to recent and childhood trauma. He enjoys the challenge of working with couples to resolve acute or long term relationship problems.